Script Writer Needed for Filmed Orchestra Performance

We will be filming an orchestra performance of about 10 songs--we need someone to write a script for the host(s) of the show as they introduce the songs, musicians, etc.

You will be provided with the list of songs and some basic info. It will be up to you to research interesting tidbits about the pieces themselves, their performance history, or the composers to work into an entertaining script primarily for our host(s) & conductor.

We are looking for someone with experience in writing similar "non-fiction" scripts who can do the research as well as write a script with funny and engaging dialogue between the host(s) of the show and the conductor.  Introductions for each song or songs will be between 15-40 seconds, so any jokes, dialogue or information will need to be brief and snappy.

If you believe you will be a good fit, please submit your resume and a brief/relevant writing sample via email.

Basic Info
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Friday, February 23, 2018
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Emily Marlatt - Star Gate Music Productions
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United States